FIX! NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue Windows 10

FIX! NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue Windows 10

VASIOTA.COM – One of the problems that often occurs when installing Nvidia drivers on laptops with Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11 operating systems is the appearance of the NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error message which causes the install process to fail and cannot be continued. Even though it has been repeated several times, this error still appears.

Some other similar errors include:

  • This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of Windows
  • Need to install SHA-2
  • The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware
  • Other installations are running

All these errors cause you to not be able to install Nvidia drivers on the laptop or PC you are using. To overcome this there are several steps that can be tried. Here we provide some tips to fix problems on your computer.

Cause Driver NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

When installing the Nvidia driver with the setup file, the installer will automatically create a folder which is extracted from the setup file itself. This folder contains Nvidia programs that will be installed to your computer.

So the setup process creates a new extract folder and then executes the install process from that folder. The NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error is usually caused by the user accidentally deleting the folder causing the installation process to fail.

In addition, there are several other causes such as antivirus blocking the installer, driver versions that do not match your device, or conflicts between drivers already installed on the system and those that will be installed.

How to Fix NVIDIA Installer Driver Cannot Continue

To solve this problem there are several steps you can try, namely:

1. Install the driver manually

If the process of installing the driver automatically using the installer program does not work, then we can do it manually. You do this by using the Device Manager program to install a new core driver and then complete it using the extracted setup file.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the Device Manager program by pressing the Windows key + R then type: devmgmt.msc > click OK or press Enter

2. In the Device Manager program window find the Nvidia driver

3. Right click then select Uninstall

4. Restart your computer

5. After the computer restarts, open the Device Manager program again

6. Right click on Nvidia driver

7. Select Update driver

8. In the next window select Browse my computer for driver software

9. Click on the Browse button then select the extracted setup file folder located in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\XXX.XX\WinX\International\Display.Driver

10. Click the Next button > Next and wait until the installation process is complete then restart the computer

As explained earlier, when you run setup and it fails, setup should have extracted all the driver files into the folder in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\XXX.XX\WinX\International\Display.Driver . If this folder is not found then you must run the setup file first.

2. Remove the drivers that have been installed first

The NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error message that causes the driver cannot be installed can sometimes also be caused by a conflict between the driver that has been installed (previous version) and the one to be installed. To fix this, we must first remove the drivers from the new computer and then install the new ones.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the Device Manager program by pressing the Windows key + R then type: devmgmt.msc > click OK or press Enter

2. In the Device Manager program window find the Nvidia driver

3. Right click then select Uninstall

4. Open Control Panel

5. Select the Programs and Features menu

6. Find all Nvidia driver applications then right click > Uninstall

6 Resolve NVIDIA Installer Driver Cannot Continue

7. Restart your computer

8. After the computer restarts, try installing the driver again using the setup installer

To remove Nvidia programs clean you can use the help of an uninstaller application such as Revo. If the above method doesn’t work then you need to try it.

3. Rename the Nvidia folder in Program Files

A bug in the Nvidia driver might have caused the installation process to stall as you are experiencing right now. To fix this some users suggest changing the name of the Nvidia folder in Program Files. You need to try it yourself to see if it works or not.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the File Explorer program on your computer
  2. Go to the location of the C drive or other partition where you installed Windows
  3. Go to the Program Files directory
  4. Find the folder named NVIDIA Corporation
  5. Rename the folder to another name
  6. Try again running the installer

4. Turn off anti-virus when going to install

Antivirus that works in real time are often responsible for the failure of the installation process of various applications due to detection errors. The antivirus may detect the installer you are running contains malicious code so it is blocked. This may also be the cause of the NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error when trying to install Nvidia drivers.

To fix this you can turn off the anti-virus first when installing the driver. If you use a third-party application, you can turn it off through the settings menu of each program used.

For those of you who use Windows 10’s built-in anti-virus, namely Windows Security, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key + i
  2. Select the Update & Security menu
  3. On the left tab click the Windows Security menu
  4. In the right window select Virus & threat protection
  5. In the Virus & threat protection settings section, click the Manage settings menu
  6. Turn off all available options including Real-time protection and others by clicking the switch button until it becomes Off

After turning off your anti-virus, you can try running the Nvidia driver installer again from scratch. After success, don’t forget to turn your anti-virus back on by following the same steps.

5. Using the Display Driver Uninstaller program

Display Driver Uninstaller is a tool specially made for removing graphics drivers from computers and cleaning all associated files. This app will help you to cleanly remove Nvidia drivers from your computer in order to run the current Nvidia driver installer.

Follow these steps:

  1. First download the DDU app here: Download
  2. After the download is complete, extract the application file which is still in zip format using the 7zip or WinRAR application
  3. Then restart your computer and enter Safe Mode.
  4. Once in Safe Mode run the DDU application
  5. In the DDU application in the GPU section select Nvidia
  6. Click on the Clean and Restart button
  7. Wait until the process is complete, after that restart the computer to normal mode

After the computer restarts, try again to run the Nvidia driver installer as usual, it should now work.

Those are some tips that we can give to overcome NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue on Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11, hopefully they can help. If you are still having problems that cannot be resolved, please ask your questions in the comments column.

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