How Much is a TikTok Universe Gift Worth?

How Much is a TikTok Universe Gift Worth?

VASIOTA.COM – TikTok is loved by content creators because it can make money through the reward program, namely TikTok Universe. Interestingly, the price of this TikTok Universe gift makes you shake your head.

For information, Gift TikTok Universe is one of the reward features that benefit content creators or hosts . With this feature, they will receive prizes or coins from the audience which can be exchanged for real money.

This feature makes TikTok not only a social media for sharing videos, but also as a money-making application. The way to make money other than endorsements is a gift from live streaming .

Then, what is the TikTok Universe gift ? How much it costs? And how to give gifts? Check out Jaka’s full explanation below about how much is a TikTok Universe gift and the latest 2024 prizes.

What is the TikTok Universe Gift?

What is Tiktok Universe Gift

TikTok Universe is a gift feature that can be given to hosts on TikTok. This feature will later become a balance or income for hosts who are doing live streaming . Each gift in TikTok has a different price.

This TikTok Universe prize is one of the audience’s appreciation for the hosts who broadcast live. This TikTok Universe gift is one of the most expensive appreciations in the social application.

Besides TikTok Universe, you can also give other appreciations with reactions, flowers, fireworks, and more. In addition, there are also prizes in the form of Lions, Yachts, Diamond Crowns, Cruise Ships, Racing Cars, Goddess of Love, and others.

As the most expensive gift in the app, how much is a TikTok Universe gift worth? See below.

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How much is a TikTok Universe Gift Worth?

How much does the Tiktok Universe prize cost to be called the most expensive? This gift can be purchased with 34999 coins . The price of 1 Tiktok coin is around IDR 250. If converted into rupiah, the price of the Tiktok Universe gift is around Rp. 8,242,000 .

Because it is so expensive and unlike other prizes, it is not surprising that a number of hosts or content creators who receive this gift feel both lucky and surprised, because it is profitable.

Most Expensive TikTok Gift List 2024

How Much is a TikTok Universe Gift Worth

Besides TikTok Universe, there are some of the most expensive gifts to choose from as an alternative. Or if you are a host, these prizes are no less profitable, because they also have fantastic prices. Anything? Check it out below!

1. TikTok Universe

You could say, TikTok Universe is the most expensive gift, because it has a fantastic price. This gift is priced at 34,999 coins or Rp. 8,049,000 .

2. Lion

The most expensive TikTok gift under the TikTok Universe in 2024 is the Lion. The Lion Prize can be purchased or earned for 29,999 coins . If converted into rupiah, the Lion prize has a price of around Rp. 7,499,750 .

3. Horse Carriage

Next up, there ‘s the Horse Carriage gift . This TikTok gift can be obtained with a total of 28,888 coins. If translated, it is not so far from the Lion’s gift, which is Rp. 7 million .

4. Rocket and Fantasy Castle

Under the Lion, there are Rockets and Fantasy Castles with a face value of 20,000 coins . If converted to the prevailing coin exchange rate, the price is approximately IDR 5,000,000 .

5. Planets and Interstellar

Next up, there ‘s the Planet gift . If you want to buy it, you must have 15,000 coins. If rupiahkan, the price is approximately Rp. 3,750,000 .

Meanwhile, for Interstellar is no less profitable. Interstellar is in the top five of TikTok’s most expensive prizes with a nominal value of 10,000 coins . If converted into IDR 2,500,000 .

List of Newest TikTok Gift Item Names 2024

how much is a tiktok universe

The following are the names of the gifts available on TikTok and the number of coins to get them. This gift was trending in 2024.

1. Eagle Gift Price

The gift in the form of an animated eagle on live TikTok actually costs 10999 coins or around IDR 2,200,000 . But if you get this gift, you can’t withdraw it for the price paid by the sticker buyer. Later it will be deducted first with a fairly large admin fee.

2. Car Gift Price

The Race Car Gift is worth 7000 coins . If converted into rupiah, the price of a Racing Car gift on TikTok is IDR 1,647,000 .

The price of a Racing Car gift on TikTok Live 2024 ranks the 9th most expensive after Tiktok Universe (34999 coins), Lion (29999 coins), Rocket (20000 coins), Planet (15000 coins), Interstellar (10000 coins), Aquarius (9999 coins ), Yacht (9888 coins), and Match Trophy (7999 coins).

3. Flower Gift Price

Actually, there are many kinds of flower gifts on TikTok . There are Roses (1 coin), Tumpa Flowers (4000 coins), Flower arrangements (1500 coins), and Mirror Flowers (1000 coins). Well, the Rose gift is the most popular variant because the price is cheap.

The price of the Mawar gift which is worth 1 coin is the same as a love letter, tennis, football, earbuds, coffee, ice cream cone, and barbell. If converted into rupiah, the price of 1 TikTok rose gift is IDR 200 .

4. Whale Gift Price

Of the various gifts that are available in the Tiktok application, the Pope’s gift is one of the gifts that is included in the most coveted gift row on Tiktok.

The Flying Whale Gift can be purchased for 2150 coins. So what is the price of the Pope’s gift on Tiktok in rupiah? If converted into rupiah, the price of the Pope’s gift on Tiktok is around Rp. 400,000.

Well, in addition to the gifts above, Jaka has sorted the most expensive TikTok prizes to the cheapest in the table below.

Gift ItemsCoin
Tiktok Universe34999 coins
Lion29999 coins
Rocket20000 coins
Planets15000 coins
Hawk10999 coins
Interstellar10000 coins
Aquarius9999 coins
Yacht9888 coins
Match Trophy7999 coins
Car racing7000 coins
Aircraft6000 coins
Submarine5199 coins
Pool Party4999 coins
Pirate Ship4888 coins
Private Jet4888 coins
Fallen Flowers4000 coins
Ferris wheel3000 coins
Old Famous Car2999 coins
Superstar2999 coins
Motorcycle2988 coins
Travel 28882888 coins
Music Box2399 coins
Pope2150 coins
Carousel2020 coins
Magic Album1999 coins
Makeup Box1999 coins
Seasonal Candles1999 coins
Fast Boat1888 coins
Tree House1799 coins
Drinking Time1777 coins
Champion1500 coins
Flower arrangements1500 coins
Bombom car1288 coins
Gaming Chair1200 coins
Firework1088 coins
mirror flower1000 coins
Gold mine1000 coins
Train899 coins
Pearl800 coins
Shoe700 coins
Swan699 coins
Love Balloons699 coins
Record Player600 coins
Ice Machine538 coins
Money Rain500 coins
Coral499 coins
Fly Trap400 coins
Necklace400 coins
Sweet dreams399 coins
Swing399 coins
Bonfire388 coins
Cone-shaped rice300 coins
Balloon Joget300 coins
Bridal Veil299 coins
Boxing gloves299 coins
Rock ‘n’ Roll299 coins
Ski Goggles199 coins
Padlock and Key199 coins
Glasses199 coins
Heart199 coins
Glasses199 coins
Witch’s Hat177 coins
Music Notes169 coins
Butterfly169 coins
Kiss150 coins
Heart100 coins
Confetti100 coins
Hat99 coins
Crown99 coins
Origami99 coins
Mirror30 coins
Donuts30 coins
Perfume20 coins
Bedug20 coins
Coffee10 coins
Gamepad10 coins
Lollipop10 coins
Bottle of Hope9 coins
Snowboard9 coins
Magic Letter7 coins
Hands Waving7 coins
Hi5 coins
Heart Finger5 coins
Mic5 coins
Panda5 coins
Compote5 coins
Tennis1 coin
Love Letter1 coin
Football1 coin
GG1 coin
Mini Speaker1 coin
Coffee1 coin
Ice cream cone1 coin
Barbell1 coin
Rose1 coin
TikTok1 coin
Uduk rice1 coin

In addition to prizes, there is a Reaction icon that you can give when the video is live . The list of reaction items can be seen below:

Laugh19 coins
Extraordinary19 coins
Party29 coins
Funny29 coins
Flower49 coins
Love49 coins

TikTok Coin Price List

How Much is a TikTok Universe Gift Worth

If you are interested in hosting a live stream or want to give them a gift, you need to know the number of coins and their price in Indonesian rupiah.

The following is a list of the money prices that content creators will receive from donations or donations given during live streaming.

13 coinsIDR 3,200
70 coinsIDR 17,000
350 coinsIDR 83,000
700 coinsRp165,000
1050 coinsRp219,000
1400 coinsIDR 330,000
3500 coinsIDR 825,000
7000 coinsRp1,647,000
17500 coinsIDR 4,121,000

For those of you Android OS users, you can purchase TikTok gifts through the Google Play Store . There are various payment methods. Here are some of them:

  • Credit card
  • ShopeePay
  • Doku
  • GoPay
  • Redeem Code (Gift card or promo code)
  • Google Play balance (buy at Minimarket)
  • Operator credit (which you connect to the Play Store)

How to Gift Coins on TikTok Videos

As a viewer, you can send a gift to a video on TikTok to show that you enjoyed the video from the creator and appreciate their creativity and work. Here’s how to send a Gift to a video on TikTok :

  1. Tap the Comments icon on the video you’re watching.
  2. Tap the Gift/Gift icon.
  3. Select Gift. There are Classic or Premium prizes.
  4. If you need to refill Coins, tap Refill and follow the prompts.
  5. If coins are available, write a comment and tap Send.

There is a requirement to send Gifts to videos on TikTok. First, you must be 18 years or older (or 19 in South Korea and 20 in Japan).

Second, only videos that have a Rewards icon in the Comments section can get rewards from viewers. Usually, this applies to accounts with a minimum of 100,000 followers and active accounts for a minimum of 30 days.

Currently, there are some countries that are not eligible to send Gifts. But don’t worry, Indonesia has access, really! Oh yes, please note that Brand Accounts are not eligible to participate .

For those of you who have just started playing TikTok or are struggling to exist on this platform, this is the most effective way to add TikTok followers.

How to Withdraw TikTok Coins

How to Withdraw Tiktok Coins

After successfully collecting a number of live streaming coins , as a host or content creator you can exchange them for rupiah. There are several options for disbursing funds, including:

  • FUND (transferred within 1 business day)
  • OVO (transferred within 1 business day)
  • Bank Transfer (3-5 business days)
  • PayPal (transferred within 1 business day)

The ways to withdraw coins or TikTok gifts are as follows. Here, ApkVenue, try to use Dana as an example.

  1. Choose the withdrawal method.
  2. Verify mobile number, wait for OTP SMS with 4 digit number.
  3. Click the Connect with Funds button.
  4. Enter Fund number > enter Pin > Continue.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Minimum 4 dollars.
  6. Press the Withdraw Now button.
  7. Wait for the process to complete.

It should be noted, because the minimum withdrawal is 4 US dollars, the minimum withdrawal is 800 coins . If you are interested, you can do a live stream on TikTok. How to? Check out Jaka’s article below.


That’s an explanation of how much is a TikTok Universe gift and other price. Jaka also presents how to buy coins and give gifts to hosts who do live streaming.

TikTok giveaways are a form of audience appreciation. This allows TikTok content creators to continue to work and be creative.

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